In 1867, most Canadians were denied the vote.

Without the vote, they were denied representation.

  • 1918: Sex requirements were abolished
  • 1948: Wealth requirements were abolished
  • 1960: Race requirements were abolished

Yet most Canadians are still denied representation.

  • 2006: Liberals and New Democrats in Alberta:
    27% of the vote, no seats
  • 2011: Liberals and Greens in the Territories:
    35% of the vote, no seats
  • 2015: Conservatives and New Democrats in Atlantic Canada: 37% of the vote, no seats

Most Canadians are still denied representation based on where they live.

For the past 30 years, most winning parties
win around 40% of the vote, but 56% of the seats.

So some votes still count more than others.
But this problem can be fixed.

When 40% of the vote means 40% of the seats,
then everyone is represented equally.

This idea is called proportional representation.